Complimentary Mercedes me Adapter & TIDAL HIFI offer

Experience TIDAL HiFi for free for 3 months with your Mercedes me account.

✔️Free of charge.

As a Mercedes me Adapter customer you get 3 months free access to TIDAL HiFi if you sign up before 21 August 2022.

✔️Large choice of exclusive sounds.

You can access more than 60 million songs and 240,000 music videos, as well as carefully selected playlists - all in exclusive audio quality.

How to get TIDAL HiFi free for 3 months with your Mercedes me account:

✔️Log in to the Mercedes me Adapter app with your Mercedes me username and password.

✔️With the latest version of the Mercedes me Adapter app you will receive the "My Vehicle" category Tidal tile.

✔️You can use it to activate the free trial subscription.

Haven’t activated the Mercedes me Adapter app yet?

Contact us to arrange a complimentary installation of the Mercedes me Adapter via the link below.

Terms and Conditions

The offer for free use of the TIDAL music streaming service is limited to a period of 3 months from registration and ends automatically. Registration with TIDAL must be completed by 21.08.2022 unless extended. A fully connected, operating Mercedes me Adapter is required in order for Mercedes me Adapter app customers to take advantage of this offer. This means registering on the Mercedes me Portal, downloading the Mercedes me Adapter app to the smartphone, connecting the Mercedes me Adapter with a Mercedes-Benz Partner and setting it up. The offer is available for specific compatible Mercedes Benz model series produced in 2002 or later (market-specific variations must be taken into account) in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Availability of the offer also depends on the availability of the TIDAL app in the relevant country. TIDAL HiFi is provided by Aspiro AB trading as TIDAL music streaming not by Mercedes-Benz and is subject to the TIDAL terms and conditions. Mercedes-Benz and accepts no legal responsibility for the TIDAL application, website, any information supplied or any goods or services provided by TIDAL.