How to look after your Mercedes-Benz.

A few simple tips to maintain your vehicle.

No matter the weather, it is still important to look after your Mercedes-Benz.

Please read on to learn how to maintain your vehicle at home.

Battery and charging

If you are not using your car regularly, we recommend starting the engine and letting it run for a period of at least 15 minutes every two weeks. It is important to allow the engine to run for this long so the battery can charge properly. Be sure that your car is outside when the engine is running and don’t leave it unattended.
To avoid your battery going flat, you can purchase a trickle charger from our parts department for $288.00. This will maintain the correct charge level for your battery to avoid it going flat during extended period of non-use.
To order yours, please contact our parts department on 1300 MBB MBB.

Tyres and brakes

It is important you check the pressure of your tyres if you haven’t driven in a while – especially if you intend on driving on a motorway where high speed is required.
To find out the recommended pressure your tyres should be, it can be found on the inside of the fuel or charge flap.
If your car has been left in wet or damp conditions, a thin layer of surface oxidisation can build up on the surface of the brake discs, which may mean they sound a little noisy at first. This is perfectly normal and gently applying the brakes when driving will help clear this.


If you don’t plan on travelling or using your car for an extended period of time, we recommend filling up your fuel tank to full to reduce the chance of any condensation building up in your vehicle.

Service & Maintenance

If your car is due for a service or if you have any questions regarding vehicle maintenance, please contact our service department on 1300 MBB MBB and they will be able to assist.
The Mercedes-Benz Berwick Service Department is opening for all of your vehicle servicing needs Monday - Friday 7.30 am - 6.00 pm.
Please follow the below links to book your service online, or for further information.

Roadside Assistance

During this time, we understand it’s more important than ever to feel protected and safe. Should anything happen to your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, we’re here to help with Roadside Assistance.
If your vehicle is not drivable, please call Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assist on 1800 807 700.

For more information, or to book in for a service or repairs, please contact our team on 1300 MBB MBB or follow the links below.