What is Hybrid?

Dom Storey - Mercedes-Benz Berwick Ambassador and Professional Race Driver

What is Hybrid? 

We have all heard of it, however most people won’t know the impact this is going to have on our driving from now into the future.

The Hybrid technology we are now seeing in Mercedes-Benz vehicles stems from it’s Motorsport heritage. The first Hybrid engine to win a Formula 1 World Championship was in 2014 with Lewis Hamilton, and Mercedes-Benz have dominated the sport since. From 2014 we have seen an integration of this same technology in a number of vehicles from the brand.
The new Mercedes-Benz C350e & E350e available now at Mercedes-Benz Berwick and soon the new S Class - has fuel efficiency of 2.4 l/100km. This is a huge saving in fuel consumption and typically we would see a third of the total KM driven in Hybrid mode. 

How does it work?

The Hybrid system runs a standard combustion engine in the front of the vehicle, with a battery found in the boot. 
The battery is rechargeable whilst driving and/or by utilizing a home or commercial charge station into the charge point found in the rear corner of the car. 
The Hybrid system is great for inner city living as you can typically drive 30+ KM on full electric mode at one time. This doesn’t mean however, the technology isn’t for you if you do a lot of long distance travel. In E mode - the vehicle will jump from combustion engine to electric mode to help deliver the best efficiency possible. Put your foot down and the engine will kick back into life to deliver the acceleration you need.

Power and speed.

Most people would think the Hybrid wouldn’t offer the same power output as a higher-powered combustion engine. This is not the case - I spend my weekends racing at speeds and I am certainly still impressed by the acceleration and power of the Hybrid vehicles. The technology delivers great power and you can still select Sports+ when you really want to call on the vehicle’s power. 


Last but not least, we all like to be responsible for our part in the environment. Driving a Hybrid is well and truly good for the environment emitting a quarter of the carbon dioxide than your usual petrol engine.
So lets all do our piece for the environment -  head down to Mercedes-Benz Berwick today to sample a Hybrid vehicle, you won’t be disappointed!

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